What does digital marketing mean?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves the usage of the Internet, smart devices, and other platforms in order to reach consumers. Marketing analysts consider digital marketing to be a radically different field involving a fresh endeavor to consumers and new methods of thinking, on how customers act in contrast with conventional marketing. Digital marketing agencies Cape Town understands how to take advantage of today\’s technologies.

Understanding Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is an interactive way in which we target specific segments of a customer base.

Digital marketing is on the rise, which involves search engine advertising, email advertisements, sponsored tweets, things that integrate consumer reviews messaging or a two-way business-customer engagement.

Internet marketing differs from digital marketing – the difference between the two is, internet marketing is advertising that is solely on the Internet, whereas digital marketing may be achieved through mobile devices, a train station, a video game or a smartphone app.

Traditional vs. Modern Commercialisation

Today\’s marketing sector is different than what it was several decades ago. Marketers are able to collect even more data today due to the Internet, specialized apps and other hi-tech goods. Marketers today also have a wider range of tools and resources to influence consumers and draw a larger range of consumers at a time.

Digital marketing helps businesses evaluate their efforts and quantify them. Digital Marketers, for example, are able to be informed on how consumers interact with their ads online. Unlike traditional newspaper adverts, where marketers are not able to get any feedback on how people interact with their advertisement(s). 


Who Uses Digital Marketing Agencies Cape Town?

From optimizing content to customizing deals to maintain partnerships through platforms, organizations in every sector utilize digital marketing to enhance user experience and shift consumers through the shopping path.


Retailers utilize digital ads to see who their clients are, even in real time to consider their buying habits. This deep understanding enables retailers to give each consumer an increasingly customized shopping experience which increases consumer loyalty and sales.


Digital marketing is helping businesses efficiently identify and organize advertisement messages in the communications field, as well as reviewing social network exchanges and call centre transcripts to allow personalized, and specific deals that can lower expensive turnover.

Small to Medium Sized Companies

Small and medium-sized companies that don\’t have big marketing teams or budgets use digital marketing, which handles and simplifies promotions. This helps them determine what works effectively and create changes easier.


Digital messaging is a vital replacement for in-person discussions as banks cut down on brick-and-mortar branches and raise expenditure in virtual networks. Banks are seeing substantial rises in response rates and lead production with highly tailored categories and customized deals.

Types of Digital Marketing Channels

The current digital marketing channel types are:

1. Website

Websites are your home to digital marketing efforts. Brands and companies, utilise websites for housing their content, while using them as mediums to distribute it. Any of the digital marketing efforts can be connected back to the website, where an activity is anticipated and the sales are monitored. For eg, when someone downloads a file on the site, books a product or service etc…

2. Content Marketing

Production of content is the foundation of all of the digital marketing strategies. If you have a marketing plan for your content, you are educating, entertaining, encouraging, or convincing your customers about your product across other channels. Among the most popular content types are text (blog posts), videos, photographs, infographics, podcasts, slide decks, and e-books.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO serves as a jetpack for the marketing activities around your content. The SEO consists of on-page and off-page operations to improve the popularity of your website with your chosen keywords in the search engine result pages ( SERPs). SEO was historically predominantly text-based but voice requests has also gained popularity in recent years, which is why the SEO practices require a conversational approach.

4. Digital Advertising

Internet advertisement is a paragliding concept for different tactics of online ads. Cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-mille (CPM) are the standard selling / auction methods for digital ads, i.e. per thousand impressions. Search engine marketing (SEM), display ads, native advertising, social network advertisement, and programmatic advertising are popular types of digital advertisement.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the practice of maintaining a database, which gives email updates to contacts regarding your company, goods and services. It is an important medium for maintaining contact with your audience. Email marketing is useful for building up the user list, embedding potential members, maintaining current ones, encouraging promotions and deals, and delivering material.

How Digital Marketing Works

Digital marketing and its related platforms are essential-but not to the exclusion of everything else. Understanding your clients only isn\’t enough; you have to know them more than anyone else does because you can then know when to connect with them, where to connect with them and how, so that they\’re most open to your message.

You need a comprehensive picture of consumer desires and perceptions across all platforms- websites, social networking, email, direct mail, point of sale, etc. Retailers do that by using digital insights from omnichannel retail analytics. Marketers will use this knowledge to build and predict reliable, organized consumer journeys that can drive consumers into the buying cycle. The stronger the consumer intuition is for your businesses goods and services, the more often you can participate in profitable transactions with them.

The advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has risen to fame primarily because it targets such a diverse group of individuals, but it still provides a range of other benefits. These are a few advantages.

Large geographical scope

When you put an ad online, people will see it anywhere they are (provided you\’ve not geographically filtered the message). This makes it simple to gain market share for your company.


Not only does digital marketing enter a larger demographic than mainstream marketing, it often costs less. Cost overhead for newspaper advertisements, TV commercials, and other conventional advertisement tools can be high. They also offer you little influence about when such ads can be viewed first by your target audiences. Through digital marketing, only 1 content element can be generated that attracts traffic to your blog as long as it is online. 

You may build an email marketing plan that sends updates on a timeline to specific client lists and if you choose to do so it \’s simple to adjust the timeline or the content. When putting it all together, digital marketing offers you a lot of versatility and client contact to invest into the ad.

Performance tracking

You ought to figure out how many clients it draws and how much money it actually generates to determine how the marketing campaign is successful. So how do you use a non-digital advertisement approach to achieve that?

There\’s always the conventional alternative to ask any person, \”How did you find us? Unfortunately, in both sectors, it doesn\’t work. Many businesses don\’t get to hold one-on-one interactions with their clients, and polls don\’t really produce maximum outcomes.

Performance tracking is easy for digital marketing. Digital marketing tools and channels instantly measure the amount of target clicks that you receive. It implies open emails, numbers, access to your web page or direct sales.

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