SEO & Digital Marketing South Africa

Are you wondering, “Is it worth investing my  advertising budget to hire a SEO agency? Can a SEO expert really deliver the results I need?” In these days of instant information, search engines like Google help people locate products or services they need. This is especiallytrue when searching for the term Digital Marketing Cape Town, which is probably how you found this page! 

Nearly 75% of all online customers will not explore beyond the first page of those search options. So if your website is not one of the few that appears on Page 1 of the search results, then your chances of  attracting a new customer online is probably much less than 25% depending on where your site is “buried.” The way to get your site on the first page of Google is to hire a professional SEO agency like Digi-guru.


This is one of SEO’s most often asked questions. Search Engine Optimisation is a digital technique aimed at growing your web footprint and drawing more traffic to the site. All this is achieved by establishing credibility on your website by creating content with unique keywords and phrases which your ideal client is searching for.

Unfortunately, a number one ranking on Google is never assured. Digi-guru SEO techniques produce top-of-the-line first-page results in almost every instance, but this is only the result of experimentation and dedication. 

SEO requires considerable time and technical know-how to execute correctly. Our Cape Town experts have spent years improving their skills and spending countless hours making sure they are up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and tools. We believe we have the most affordable SEO Cape Town has to offer.

From the outset, our team of Cape Town SEO experts will carry out a thorough analysis for your website to understand the market in which you compete and what specific practices the competitors in your industry engage in online.

We pick the keywords for your initiative, and the platforms that we rely on for all off-page optimisation depending on the outcome of this research. Using such a research-oriented process guarantees reliable outcomes are obtained, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

You should consider the SEO plan as a long-term commitment, which sometimes takes 3 to 6 months before you see a return. What separates us from our competitors is the short-term results due to our super fantastic SEO skills. This will drive immediate traffic to your site from month 1.

Instead of getting your brand ranked and then losing it, our team are working hard to establish the brand as a trusted authority, which encourages search engines to list your pages consistently at the very top of its results.