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With over 2 million confirmed cases of Corona virus and 190 000 deaths recorded globally, more and more countries are implementing stricter regulations that are affecting businesses. While some companies are losing millions due to cancelled events, digital marketing in a Digital Agency Cape Town is on the rise and is the reason some companies are still effective to the public up to this day. Digital marketing is the glimpse of hope to many companies that will have to recover from the pandemic losses. The success of digital marketing during this pandemic left many digital marketing companies Cape Town questioning traditional marketing techniques.

South African government is slowly relaxing some of its strict regulations which include allowing companies to operate from the 1st of May under strict measures of preventing infections of COVID19.  Mines can operate at 50% production in a bid to avoid seismic shifts and rock fall, call centres can operate in an effort to help with insurance, goods already at Ports can be exported to avoid congestion when the lockdown is lifted. IT technicians, plumbers and electricians are also allowed to work but more and more businesses are still closed during the lockdown as social distancing is the key priority to control increasing infections of Covid 19.

Currently consumers are staying at home and not spending their money as restaurants and stores are closed.  Since few people are traveling, billboards and newspapers are less visible which makes online and digital marketing the only way to survive for most companies.

Social media platforms and Digital Agency Cape Town and the internet proved to be the only stable coping mechanism for the public and businesses at this time. More people spent their time and money shopping from their phones and laptops at this time.

While companies were closed for months and other businesses shutting down for six months, online retailers and digital marketing companies Cape Town were not affected and grew their businesses.

Companies with digital marketing strategies used this time to build and strengthen long term trust with consumers, communication was faster between consumers and companies and because most consumers were mostly interested in Covid 19 essentials, companies grew their revenues by catering to consumers according to their needs to the response of Covid 19. Stores with e-commerce and digital marketing got more business in the lockdown situation.

Small to medium size businesses which are hard hit by Covid-19 are now forced to go back to the drawing board to re-visit their overall marketing strategies. Even larger companies are finding themselves having lost millions through cancelled events.

A survey published by a marketing technology company; scorpion, revealed several changes in consumer behaviour. 49% of respondents plan to delay travel. 43% of respondents shared that they will stay at home and cook instead of visiting restaurants.

In breaking down how time is being spent online, respondents said they expect to increase their usage or consumption of the following activities:

  • Streaming services: 42.0% user increase
  • Social media usage: 33.8% user increase
  • Online shopping: 30.7% user increase
  • Work/telecommuting: 25.4% user increase
  • Mobile gaming: 21.1% user increase,
  • Console gaming: 18.3% user increase
  • Virtual workouts: 14.4% user increase

More and more clients will be at home entertaining themselves with online contents which will boost more online companies. Clients are going to be hesitant to the idea of attending events or clients walking up to them and shaking their hands as no one knows when will this pandemic end.

CEO of 123 internet group, a Digital Agency Cape Town, Scott Jones shared  that  more companies are now open to digital channels and warming up to transformation \”We have seen a real spike during the last few weeks from companies wishing to create or update web design Claremont, launch new e-commerce channels and create social media campaigns focused on home-workers and a real focus on using influencers and SEO to reach new audiences.\”

Ratnesh Singh, head of global business at events technology agency shared that even after the Pandemic, once companies realize that they are saving money through digital marketing they might consider it as a long-term plan.

\”There\’s a window of opportunity here – when things are back to normal budgets will be going back into live events and that\’s what they will be spending their time on.

\”But if they see the benefits and opportunities that digital channels can offer, this will become part of their long-term marketing contingency plans.\”

In a survey by Sirkin and NewsCred, that include directors or seniors in various digital marketing companies Cape Town, many directors concluded that they saw a need of having more virtual meetings and improving their marketing strategies. 42% mentioned that their marketing teams lacked the bandwidth to quickly adapt to shifting priorities and create new content. While 40% are finding it problematic to realign their budgets and people resources and 38% are concerned about their customer communications.

Digi-guru understands the importance of having a digital marketing strategy in this difficult time and is ready to assist you.   Contact us for Web design Claremont, Social Media Management or even a LOGO design if you are starting up a business during Covid-19. we are the experts as a Digital Agency Cape Town.

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