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The Digital marketing industry is an ever-shifting, fast-paced industry which can make the relationship between an agency and its clients very abstruse, therefore it is imperative that you choose the best marketing agency to nurture and grow your brand. Choosing a digital marketing Cape Town agency to best present your company is like choosing a life partner who compliments you without having to say a word.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a Digital Marketing Agency:


As a Digital Marketing Cape Town company it\’s very important that you have a clearly defined vision to communicate to the digital marketing agency so that the relationship starts off in the right direction and expectations are aligned. When your goals and vision are clearly defined then you are able communicate what you want to achieve for your brand. It is crucial that you choose the agency that is the best fit for your brand and more importantly, will grow your brand.


When looking for a digital marketing partner you want to have peace of mind that they are reputable. Always check testimonials or reviews which you should find on their website or on google or even their Facebook accounts will give recommendations. Ask for a portfolio of work they have produced for other clients. Most agency websites have portfolios you can refer to – go through it to see if you are happy with the quality of their work and if needed, call some of the companies for references to find out what the agency\’s strengths and weaknesses are and if they would recommend them.


It\’s very important that you check that the Digital Marketing Cape Town agency offers personalized services. Choose an agency that prioritizes all their clients’ needs regardless of brand size. Just as your company is very delicate to you make sure you hire an agency that will treat your company with the same drive and attention as you would.


Every company prospers when there\’s an open line of communication. Its important to communicate the progress of a project to the Client and alert them should any unforeseen problems present itself.  Touching base with clients on a regularly basis puts them at ease and confident that their project is in the right hands.   


A relationship works well when there are boundaries. Choose an agency that is willing to say no and clearly help you achieve what you want for your brand. If you appoint an agency that agrees with everything, you\’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. Honesty is also very important in a relationship; find an agency that is willing to tell you when you are working against yourself.


For a relationship to be transparent, clear communication needs to be top priority. You need to hire an agency that will honestly tell you what they can offer. Some digital marketing agencies Cape Town offer social media content marketing only while other companies are website content based only therefore you need to understand the full package that they are able to offer your company. Expectations need to be aligned upfront as this often leads to frustration for both parties. From brainstorm to content creation, strategy to promotion, you should feel informed and confident every step of the way.


It\’s important to ensure that the agency you will be working with to grow your brand, is open to constructive feedback. A good agency solicits feedback and pushes themselves to grow. Ask them how they challenge themselves and what they do to ensure continuous improvement.


If you are going to trust a Digital Marketing Cape Town agency to help market your brand, you need to find out how they are marketing themselves in the industry. Research if they are active on social media and how followers engage with them. The way you market your business is a reflection of how you will care for your clients.


One of the most important criteria to look for in a digital agency Cape Town is how they manage technical or digital glitches. Understanding website development technologies is critical to any marketing agency as the website is your mother-ship and must be built and hosted properly


Marketing is an investment. Before choosing a marketing agency it’s important that you consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend. There is no set price – you are not buying a laptop charger. A good marketer should be able to work with any reasonable budget and meet your expectations accordingly.

Digi-Guru pride themselves as one of the best digital marketing agencies Cape Town has. We deliver optimal results for your brand. Our clients are our friends and we treat each one with care, no matter how big or small.

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