My own website, why I need it and how do I get it? 

The past year has emphasised the need to project your business online. Why is that and how do you go about getting a website for your business?

Why you need a website and how to get one.

This may sound crazy, but do you have a website for your business? I don’t mean a page on Facebook or an account with Gumtree – your actual own website.

If the answer to this question is ‘no’, we need to talk.

The importance of having a website

It has gone from having a shop with a sign telling the world what you sell to having a website telling the world what you sell, and where your shop is, and how to get hold of you. Your actual brick and mortar shop used to depend on customers who know you, word of mouth and passing traffic.

Let’s look at it if you are the customer. Say the weather suddenly turns cold and you have run out of gas for the heater and you go to your regular gas guy, who has also run out because of the sudden cold. Now what do you do? You get on your phone and look for gas guys in your area and you phone them until you find one that still has gas.

You have your gas and your family is nice and warm because you found the guy with the gas. You found him because he had a website. His website did not cost the earth, but made you his new customer and everybody is happy, except the gas guy around the corner without a website, whose shop you did not see because it was blocked by a parked truck when you drove past.

Whether you sell gas or instant lawn or new teeth, a website will make you visible on the web. Like the guy looking for gas, our first move now is to take our phone and look for your service. This has been happening faster and faster for years now, but the pandemic and the lockdowns have pushed your web presence to the front of the queue of urgent things to do.

So how do I get a website and what does it cost?

Think of your website as a plot of land. You can build a triple story, four-car garage, heated pool and designer garden mansion on it. It will take you a year or two and it will cost a lot, but you will have a very nice house to move into when it is done. Or you can build a garage with a bathroom and live there so long, and add more rooms and the rest as the money comes in. As long as you start with a plan, because you don’t want to have to demolish a wall to build a second bedroom. With your new website, long term success will depend on proper web design.

If you have a lot of money and time, the first option is better. The second option is ideal if you have neither that much money nor time.

The thing is, if you need a website that works for you now, speak to us about it. We can show you many examples of how we helped small businesses set up their first websites. We can make it as big or small as you want, with the features you need right now. And give you a plan on making it bigger and better as your new website gives you a bigger footprint in your market.


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