Spring has sprung as it does every year. Unlike every other year, this spring feels different. It follows a difficult winter. Wet, windy, lots of storms, flooding, as cold and many can remember. There was also the economic winter of the Covid wave and subsequent lockdown. The unrest upcountry did not help either.

But now it’s spring, baby. Lockdown is over. Time to rise and shine, sweep away the clutter of winter, smile at the sunrise, and all other clichés.
Seriously, after a difficult two years, this spring feels different. It feels new and fresh. After two years of very light traffic, there are cars on the roads again. Who would have thought we’d miss traffic jams?

There is also a feeling that business is picking up again. Not pre-Covid yet, but definitely a distant tinkle of cash registers. The creak of long-closed wallets opening slightly.
It does not mean everything is hunky-dory again. Nobody can ignore the damage done to the economy over the last eighteen months or so. It would be irresponsible to discount the unemployment rate, or to ignore the empty stores in our malls.
But if you see the same signs of movement in the economy that we do, it is time to get ready for business again. You shouldn’t go overboard, just make sure the basics are in place.
Do a bit of spring cleaning at your business.

Dust off your website

Just have a careful look at your website. Is all the information still accurate and relevant? Does it still look fresh and inviting? Does it still tell the world what you do and how you do it? Updating your website will not cost a fortune, but it will tell customers that you are still there and ready for business.

Clean up your e-mail

While you are at your computer, go through your email. Fifteen thousand messages in the inbox? Archive the old, delete the junk and contact the rest, just to say hi, happy spring!

Polish your business model

This is something you should do regularly, but it is especially important right now after all the upheaval of the past couple of years. While you are looking at your business model, take a good look at your marketing plan as well. People have changed, their buying patterns, even how or when they buy.
If you have store windows, change the displays. Freshen up your signage and relook your logo.

Everybody is worried about the future, if business will pick up properly, if we will have another wave. So right now, everybody will welcome a warm smile, a new display in a window, just the green shoots of business budding again in this lovely spring weather.

If you\’re looking to freshen up your branding or do a website revamp, contact us; info@digi-guru.co.za

Article Credit: Philip Gelderblom

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