As a Social Media Marketing Agency Claremont, we often get asked as one of the top digital marketing agencies cape town has, does Facebook Ads work?
Quite simply, the success of Facebook Ads largely depends on which business you are in, what you are offering and the Niche you are targeting, meaning that there is no ONE SIZE that fits all when it comes to results.

The below graph shows the number of Facebook users in South Africa from 2017 to 2023. In 2023, the number of Facebook users in South Africa is expected to reach 19.8 million, up from 16.2 million users in 2018.

Number of Facebook users in South Africa from 2017 to 2023 (in millions)


This graph should give your business a strong reason to run a Facebook ad and expand your brand’s digital marketing cape town reach.
Facebook Ads work when executed properly as digital marketing agencies cape town. The more you know about your target audience, the better the result will be.
Before advertising, the advertiser should ask the following questions;
Is my aim to?
o Grow Incremental sales?
o Generate more leads?
o Drive relevant traffic to the site?
o Encourage users to interact with your page?
o Expand your brand’s reach?

As a Social Media Marketing Agency Claremont, we consider the below tips which will help you achieve a better ROI for your Ad:

1. Choose the correct Target Audience
One of the most important tips is never to lose sight of your target audience. Trying to target too broad an audience to increase the reach may result in you missing the right audience and not getting the desired results
2. Have a well-constructed landing page
Clicks to your Facebook ads can become expensive if you’re not converting them consistently. This is why you need to capture your visitor’s attention with a targeted landing page and convert them into a lead or customer.

Once you have accomplished this, you increase your chances of achieving a better ROI. Whether it is getting people to register for your training course, or have them download a free eBook or even buy your new product, it all depends on where they land and their experience on your page

The more efficient the copy and the design of your landing page is, the better conversions you will see with your ad

3. Understand your objective
The copy of your landing page should always reflect your campaign objectives. If you prefer a short line of copy with the purpose of generating leads, then keep it short. If you are trying to convince your audience to buy a product or service, you will need more details and social proof to convert them to buying customers

The time they spend on your page is definitely a metric that you should consider, especially when you want to see better long term results with your ads.

4 Avoid clutter
Keep your landing page simple so your audience don’t get confused. Too much clutter, like unnecessary elements just causes distractions and drive potential consumers away from your page. Only add elements that enhance your AD. If it is not in line with your objectives, leave it out. DO NOT CLUTTER!!!

5 Appealing visuals
Visuals are a powerful way of connecting with your audience so use it to your advantage. Good, strong and relevant imagery add to the flow of your landing page which make the content easy to scan and consume ultimately leading to better conversion rates

6 Maximise the image
As one of the top digital marketing agencies cape town has, we make your Facebook Ad stand out by using the correct copy but also the appropriate image that will make your Ad stand out from the rest. A wrong image can have an adverse effect on your AD or worse, no one will notice it. Use these tips to ensure your image makes a difference;
• Be creative with your text (don’t add text just for the sake of it)
• Avoid always using Random stock images (use stock images that gets you the most conversions)
• Be consistent (image must be consistent across your Ad copy and landing page)
• Continue Testing (Keep testing until you find the version with highest conversion rates)

7 Leverage Video Ads
Facebook users are watching up to 100million hours of videos every day, which means you will experience better organic reach and higher engagement rates compared to other types of content. Even though Facebook organic reach is declining, videos have a special place in is newsfeed hence Facebook giving weight to video content.
When it comes to social advertising, Facebook videos is not only budget friendly but also have a better reach. As digital marketing cape town experts, Facebook knows this, which is why they’re encouraging advertisers to use video ads

Want to see results? Contact Digi-guru, the Social Media Marketing Agency Claremont can be proud of. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to grow your online presence. As a company that specialises in digital marketing cape town, we have the time so you don’t get left behind

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