‘Don’t expect overnight success, Invest in your Brand’

To celebrate and empower women this month, Digi-Guru Director Millicent Quoilin goes down memory lane on her journey in the digital marketing industry. We also look into 7 ways women are making digital waves in the digital marketing industry including how Digi-Guru has continued to offer web design Claremont can be proud of.

South Africa commemorates Women’s month in August as a tribute to more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 in protest against the pass laws to women.

Every year in August, South Africa commemorates this month by focusing on strides made by women in this country and challenges still faced by women in SA.

Digital Marketing was one of the busiest sectors during the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, assisting companies to keep afloat during lockdown. With an all Women team, Digi-Guru Director Millicent Quoilin wants the agency to inspire other women to believe that nothing is impossible if you have a dream, a vision and plan of action. We know this to be true as one of the more successful companies that of web design Claremont.

Quoilin spent half of her career in traditional marketing before moving to digital marketing as more and more clients were online.

“I spent a large part of my corporate career in marketing and noticed the shift from traditional to digital marketing as companies realized that to reach their customers they would need a digital platform since over 4 billion people are spending an average 6 hours a day on the internet and over 3.2 billion people are spending an average of 2 hrs a day on social media”.

Even though digital marketing comes with a price, Quoilin says that through her company she has been able to assist companies increase their brand awareness and grow sales. With small companies being the hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Quoilin says it’s extremely important for small companies to put aside a budget for Digital Marketing, as well as web design Claremont, and the rest of Cape Town.

“With the massive growth in digital marketing, especially highlighted in this pandemic, small businesses need to invest in their brands on digital platforms. Don’t expect overnight success as it’s no quick fix, rather see it as a long-term investment into your brand”


Nikita Raynardt – Founder and CEO


Millicent Quoilin – Marketing Director

Digi Guru is a digital marketing agency based in Cape Town South Africa. It was established by Nikita Raynardt in 2017 who had a vision for helping small businesses grow their on-line presence. A few months later, Millicent Quoilin who has over 20 years Sales & Marketing experience joined Digi-guru. Quoilin says that the company aims to support and empower more and more women.

“Our main vision for Digi-guru is to empower and inspire other woman to believe that nothing is impossible if you have a dream and a vision”

With the rise of digital marketing, here are 7 ways women are making waves in the digital marketing space:

The Pioneers

Women succeeding in digital marketing is not new, they have taken the lead in the industry for as long as the discipline has existed. However, gender bias within the sector has led to female positions being undervalued by 21% compared to their male peers! Drawing on their technological and creative strengths, women such as Ann Handley, Madalyn Skylar, and Ardath Albee were early pioneers in the sector. They paved the way for other females to make valuable contributions.

The Educators

Successful female digital marketers aren’t afraid to share their expertise. Whether it’s through publications, at conferences and seminars, or on a one-to-one mentoring basis, women are empowering other women within the industry.

The Social Media Experts

The swift development and uptake of social media have influenced and accelerated the practice of digital marketing over the past few years.  Women have been pivotal in responding to this rapidly changing sector and have positioned themselves as industry experts. Woman are leading from teh front when building a social media agency Cape Town and beyond.

The Innovators

Women don’t take the back seat when it comes to great leaps forward in the digital marketing space. They use novel approaches to address the challenges of a uniquely fast-paced sector. Female leaders are innovators, propelling the industry into the future.

The Strategists

The capacity to develop and implement a successful strategy is a core component of digital marketing.  Women in the industry have become renowned for their strategic abilities, drawing on experience and education to develop plans that help clients to reach and exceed their objectives

The Disruptors

Due to the pace of the sector, digital marketing needs thought leaders that can move with new developments and succeed in the wake of digital disruption.
Across the industry, women are expanding their skillsets and taking on new challenges to drive success in traditional industries that are struggling such as publishing and retail. It\’s in this disruptive environment that many women are finding their feet as influencers and trailblazers.

The Diverse

Digital marketing is a broad church, combining a wide array of skills and backgrounds. Women in the industry work across different countries, cultures, and languages, constantly evolving and adapting to each unique scenario. The age of digital makes the world stage a complex one, but female digital marketers are tackling it head-on. We are your go to company for a social media agency Cape Town, Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa.

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